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Current State
Do you need to compile vocabulary or quotations from text files on your computer?

Clip2VTrain automates that task and makes it dead easy:


  It captures the words you click on in a document.
- - -


  It silently captures any text you copy to the clipboard from any other program. (No need to paste!)
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  It extracts words from text files, with several filtering options.
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  It generates sentences and cloze tests from words in various languages.

You can import the resulting file (made up of word or sentence pairs) into
VTrain, the award-winning vocabulary learning program.

Clip2VTrain is
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-   Clipboard logging

Watching in the background, Clip2VTrain stores any clipping you copy to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) while you are working with other programs.

Optionally, it can
prompt you to add a comment to every clipping right after you make it! This is useful for adding translations, the description for a URL, etc.

Upcoming in Clip2VTrain 2.0:

-   Click 'n pick

Load a text file into Clip2VTrain and collect words from it by way of simple mouse clicks!

-   Bulk word extraction

Clip2VTrain can also
reap all the vocabulary contained in a text file and make a list of it.
You can choose to omit words you already know, extract sample sentences, etc.


  Sentence generator

Clip2VTrain can build up sentences according to user-defined patterns in several languages. Since the lists of sentences can be exported as cloze (fill-in-the-blanks) tests, this feature is very useful for providing massive input to language learners.

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 Soft @ mail.ru

     Bugs       All features of the current version of Clip2VTrain work fine on Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0.

The window will not get
active to prompt the user under Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP when a string is copied to the clipboard. This issue is due to a new implementation of windows activation in these new versions of Windows and will be fixed in the new version.

Clip2VTrain has not been tested with Windows Vista / 7 yet.

Clip2VTrain is freeware for private users, but you are required to reward the author by supporting any charity of your choice to the value you estimate this software at.

     Current state       Development of Clip2VTrain is currently stalled. Some new code has been written, but there is no time schedule to make a release during 2010.    

Download Clip2VTrain by clicking the following link:

Clip2VTrain 2.0 (English): clip2vt.exe, 700 kB -- release date unknown
Clip2VTrain 1.24 (English):
clip2vt124b.zip, 301 kB -- old version

- A nice alternative to our software is
ClipTrap-, by Swire Empire.

    Updated: 2017 March 1
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