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      Our gift for everyone: VTrain Free

You can download VTrain Free at no cost and use it forever. VTrain Free helps you to prepare your exams in three easy steps.

           Download VTrain Free

VTrain Free includes a context-sensitive Help file, and the FAQ section on this web is updated regularly.


Donations welcome

Even a non-commercial project like this requires spending quite a lot of money: we need to pay for web hosting, bandwidth, software, hardware and working hours.

If you find VTrain useful, we would be very happy if you considered making a donation. You have two cool options to choose from:
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Option A:  

(Recommended) Donate to any charity or NGO you would like to support, and send us a copy of your receipt & your full postal address by email
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Option B:  

Donate to the VTrain Project via PayPal or from your Bank

The typical amount of donations is approx. €20.  Moreover, with your donation you will be supporting the growing number of
schools that are using our software all over the world.

Our thank-you to donors: VTrain Pro

If you donate to an NGO or a charity, you will be eligible as a VTrain Pro user.

VTrain Pro is the professional edition of our software that grows with your needs, optimizing your study time over months or even years. VTrain Pro supports projects of a virtually unlimited number of boxes.

You will receive a download link and a Registration Key for VTrain Pro by email, usually within 8-24 hours.

    Updated: 2017 August 1
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