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VTrain 5.5
  -   Free version
Now VTrain comes in two flavors, intended to cater for the needs of different users: VTrain Free makes test preparation fun, and VTrain Pro grows with your needs over months or even years.
  -   Support for Windows 10/8/7
This release of VTrain supports recent versions of Windows.
  -   Revamped Help file
VTrain's Help file has been entirely rewritten to make it easier to understand. It has also been ported to HTML format. A video tutorial is intended to provide a smooth start.
  -   Improved multiuser support
VTrain supports individual user profiles. You can either set up a separate Windows account for each user or use customizable scripts. For more information see the "Share your cards" section of the Help file.
  -   New version in Spanish
The current version has been translated into Spanish not only to reach a wider audience, but to provide free site licenses to schools and other educational institutions in Latin America.
  -   Maintenance
This version includes several technical improvements.
    Updated: 2017 February 20
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