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VTrain 5.2
  -   Support for Windows Vista
This release of VTrain supports the brand-new Windows Vista operating system. Certain Vista systems need to be upgraded with the Windows Help Viewer. This program can be downloaded for free from
  -   Multiuser support
VTrain can be used by several persons on the same computer. The users' profiles include customizable settings. This feature is especially useful for using VTrain in a school environment or on a family PC.
  -   Maintenance
This version includes several technical improvements.
  -   Translation and localization
The Tutorial has been translated into French and is available from the
download page.

VTrain 5.1


  Flashcards with multiple right answers
In certain situations, it is useful to allow several right answers on the same flashcard. This way, alternative spellings like "harbor" and "harbour" are both accepted.
  -   Improved tutorial and wording
Now it is easier to get started with VTrain's dual file system of "Decks of flashcards" and "reviewing Projects".
  -   Eased edition (Compose mode)
We have added many small improvements to make life easier for flashcard authors, for example:


The Virtual Keyboards now support both Ctrl and AltGr shortcuts.


The keyboard layout support has been improved. If you choose the "standard" option, VTrain will not switch the keyboard layout.


The handling of links to "attached sound files" while importing Decks has been improved.

VTrain 5.0
  -   Support for same-day repetitions
Now the intervals between scheduled reviews can be set in terms of minutes, days, and weeks.
  -   Convenient retakes
Projects now incorporate a new Box 0, which is intended as a "Pool" (reservoir) for new flashcards. Thus, only the flashcards you answer incorrectly are collected in Box 1, and you can retake them comfortably.
   -   Asking for a hint in the Review mode (formerly "Train" mode)
A new button and shortcut (Ctrl+K) in the Review mode allow you to request a hint before inputting your answer.
   -   Correction markup algorithm
The characters you input incorrectly in the Review mode are marked up by the Answer Check procedure. This option is especially useful for learning long or difficult words.


  New option for 'cheaters'
If this option is on, the following will happen: If you request to see the solution on a flashcard during a Review and then enter it, the card will be sent back to Box 1 (instead of being put into the next Box).
  -   Full Unicode support (for non-western fonts)
This new version of VTrain is Unicode-based. This means you will be able to use virtually any writing system of the world with it, but, for the same reason, it supports Windows 2000 / XP and later only.
  -   Rich-Text enabled import/export facility
Now you can edit your flashcards in your favorite word processor and import them into VTrain without loss of format.
  -   Customizable flashcard Decks
The flashcard Deck files now incorporate language-specific data, such as Keyboard Layout defaults and Question Prompts (which appear during Review sessions).
  -   On-screen keyboards for 100 languages
The new version comes with ready-to-use Virtual Keyboards for 100 languages. Now they are stored in separate files, i.e. independently from the Decks of flashcards. This way, all changes you make to a language-specific Virtual Keyboard will be applied to all Decks linked to it.
  -   Improved alphabetical sorting
The list sorting algorithm is now case-insensitive and ignores the remarks on the flashcards.
  -   Swapping the two sides of a flashcard
If you need to convert, say, a French-English Deck to English-French, you can do so from the Compose menu.
  -   Improved file access
It is no longer required to store your documents in a working directory
-- VTrain can access them anywhere on your hard disk or your local network.
  -   Refurbished interface
The GUI of the program was entirely revamped, and usability has been improved in many ways. For example, now you can enter data simply by pressing the
Enter key (instead of Ctrl+Enter), drag & drop from List windows onto the Project panel, use the multiple-level undo & redo facility, etc.


  Notice for users of previous versions
In this version, you enter data simply by pressing the
Enter key (instead of Ctrl+Enter). To enter a linefeed, use Ctrl+Enter or Shift+Enter. This setting can be reversed from the Tools menu.
This version of VTrain is entirely
Unicode-based, hence only Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003 or later are supported.
On the other hand, while the current release of VTrain is backward compatible, earlier versions of VTrain will not be able to read the files saved by this version.
Backup your documents if necessary!

VTrain 4.5
  -   Automatic scheduling (improved version)
VTrain can schedule spaced repetitions for you, so that you spend in each flashcard only as much time as strictly necessary.
  -   New compiler
We have purchased an up-to-date programming tool to develop this version. Thanks to this, VTrain has become more stable during runtime.
  -   Improved Drag & Drop
You can select several flashcards in List windows by using the Shift key.

VTrain 4.1
  -   New shortcuts
New hotkeys have been added to the Review mode ["Review mode" from VTrain 5.1 on] (responses), the Compose mode (browsing), and List windows.

VTrain 4.0
  -   VTrain is easier to learn
Newbies will hopefully welcome this feature: Clue Cards pop up when the user runs critical commands. (You can setup this feature from the Help menu.)
The Help file was rewritten in order to ease orientation.
A note on terminology: collections of flashcards are now called "Decks".
  -   New 'Filtering a Deck' facility
This variant of the Review mode ["Review mode" from VTrain 5.1 on] will save advanced users a great deal of time, since the difficult flashcards of a Deck are filtered into the current Project.
  -   Networking capability
The Smart File Update (file synchronization) procedure was entirely refurbished to enhance the performance of VTrain over school networks (LANs).
  -   Comfortable installation
At last, VTrain comes in a self-installing executable with a standard uninstall facility.
  -   First Spanish version
VTrain is released in English, German, and Spanish in separate distributions.

VTrain 3.0
  -   Full multimedia support (OLE)
The new VTrain flashcard format supports the most popular file formats: rich text format (*.rtf), HTML, diagrams, images, videos, sound files, and much more, by way of OLE (object linking and embedding).
Edit text, diagrams and images, and record voice samples directly from the VTrain window.
  -   Enhanced user-friendliness
The interface is by far more intuitive to use than before. A step-by-step tutorial and Tips on startup make novice users' lives easier.
The installation file includes some sample Lessons.
  -   Slideshow mode
This new mode allows you to view your flashcards in a slideshow. The questions and answers are displayed at customizable intervals.
This also makes VTrain suitable for subliminal learning (Suggestopedia).
  -   Enhanced printing facility
Now VTrain cannot only print vocabulary lists, but cutout flashcards as well!

VTrain 2.0
  -   Easier multilingual edition
Support for font formats and for two keyboard layouts in each Deck of flashcards.
  -   First 32-bit version
VTrain is released for Windows 95 and later.
  -   First public release in English
VTrain is released in English and German in separate distributions.

VTrain 1.6
  -   Dual file system
An improved implementation of VTrain's exclusive file system combining Review Projects and Decks of flashcards.

VTrain 1.5
  -   First 16-bit version
VTrain was first released in German for Windows 3.1.
    Updated: 2017 January 16
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