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The ultimate vocabulary learning software

o What is VTrain?
oTop benefits
+ Reviewing cards
+ Composing cards
o Team learning
o Quality control
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-   A user-friendly software
VTrain has a very
user-friendly interface, including shortcut keys for virtually all commands (treat questions as known without actually inputting the answer, skip flashcards, cribbing, ...).
The level of fault tolerance can be customized for the answer check procedure.
-   Comprehensive help file
VTrain provides context help: press
F1 to get context-specific help from any window in VTrain. Moreover, the Tips of the Day offer random suggestions on startup, certain commands are explained by way of popup Clue Cards, and the step-by-step Tutorial will help you come to terms with the program quickly.
-   High-end programming standards
Optimized code allows fast performance and high stability. VTrain does not fill your system with nagging libraries (*.dll) and uses a minimum of system resources. Long text strings fit into each flashcard (up to 32768 characters).
-   Quality control
Each version of VTrain is thoroughly tested for bugs and user-friendliness as per both its functionality and its documentation.
-   A secure software
Of course, VTrain does not use your Internet connection in any way. In fact, VTrain is neither able to dial-up nor to send any data to the Internet. If you click on an external link in the Help file, your default browser or e-mail client will be invoked.
-   An award-winning software
VTrain was registered by more than 50 universities and received several international awards certifying its high pedagogical value. See the
awards page for details.
    Updated: 2017 January 21
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