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VTrain 5.6   (This preview is not legally binding. Release date is unknown)
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  -   Enhanced import/export facility
VTrain's new import/export facility allows you to edit your cards in your favorite editor without compromising the link to the Review Project. It also makes it possible to add additional "sides" to your cards (typically represented in Microsoft Word and Excel by way of columns of a table).
  -   File Browser
VTrain's Project Panel has been entirely revamped to allow you to manage both the Boxes and the Decks of cards linked to the current Project.
  -   A quantum leap in user-friendliness
When starting the Review mode from the Project Panel, the Compose mode will be closed, and conversely. This makes it much easier for novice users to get acquainted with the program. Proficient users will be love our sticking to the MDI standard (multiple document interface): it is still possible to view several documents side by side.
  -   Support for compressed audio files
In future, VTrain will allow you to record compressed audio files and attach them to your vocabulary cards. Compression will probably be based on MP3, WMA or Vorbis OGG.
  -   The MP3 player connection
This version of VTrain can export the sound files attached to the vocabulary cards you need to review, so you can make the most of your time on trips, in waiting rooms, etc. Of course, pauses can be added automatically between the questions, so you can "answer" them aloud or in your mind.
  -   Global Review mode (across Boxes)
In this new mode, the user is presented all cards contained in the Project that are currently due to Review. This way, there is no need to click on every single Box in the Project.

Vocabulary Database
  -   Large Decks of vocabulary cards
Our language experts are developing large Decks of flashcards in several languages for our online Vocabulary Database.
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    Updated: 2017 September 15
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