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      Our team of language experts, made up by translators and trained speakers, is currently developing new files in several languages. We are using recent results in learning psychology to make these new word lists as useful to you as possible. The new files will contain sample sentences, voice recordings, phonetic transcriptions, graphics, and probably hyperlinks.

We are currently working on all combinations between the following languages:
- - -
  USA flag English
  French flag French
  German flag German
  Mexican flag Spanish

Preliminary work is also in progress on the following languages:
- - -
  Chinese flag Chinese
  Italian flag Italian
  Japanese flag Japanese
  Vatican City flag Latin

If you would like to request a new language or more resources for an existing one, do not hesitate to contact us. We are listening!
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Developing high quality materials takes many hours of work. If you want to speed up our work, please

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