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      Distributing VTrain Pro
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For this option, please Contact the authors.

Distributing VTrain Free
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Anyone is allowed* to distribute the trial version of VTrain ("software") on a fair basis by any means, including:
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- Linking to our website: see Link to us.
- Mirroring the installation file on your own server. You will find the installation file on our Download page.
- On electronic media like CDs and DVDs, for example on the cover CD of a magazine or a book.

* Distribution permission is subject to the following conditions:
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- No costs other than distribution costs shall be charged to the recipient.
- Only exact copies of the installation file in its original form may be distributed.
- The software shall not be bundled or sold along with any other software.
- The software shall be identified clearly as trial version, along with an accurate definition of this.
- The distributor shall not publish or transfer any mechanism that makes it possible to use the software beyond the trial period, without the prior written permission of the authors.

We reserve the right to deny this permission at any time to any distributor that fails to comply or stops complying with any of these terms.

It is expressly prohibited to distribute the software with files or text files modified, added, or omitted. Decompilation and reverse engineering of any other kind, as well as creating derivative works based upon the software are expressly prohibited. Lending and hiring of the software are also prohibited.
    Updated: 2017 April 20
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