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Georgian is a language of the
Caucasian family, spoken in the Republic of Georgia by some 5 million people.

Evidence of written Georgian dates back to the 5th c., and it is also used by speakers of other 'illiterate' languages of the area. Georgian literature reached its Golden Age at the time of Shota Rustaveli's epic Vepkhis-tqaosani (The Knight in the Panther's Skin). Later, it declined when the Mongols invaded the country, but it experienced a revival during the 17th c. In the 19th c. Russian domination lead Georgia to mainstream European literary movements, and literature in this language has maintained a high standard ever since.

Georgian is an inflected language. Nouns have seven cases. It is written from left to right in its own alphabet of 40 characters, Mkhedruli, notorious for their round-form cursive shape.
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