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o Introduction
o Registering an OLE server
o Choosing a suitable OLE server
o Warning! File fragmentation!

The following lists were compiled with no attempt for completeness (contributions are gratefully accepted). They show (1) some programs that support direct activation of OLE objects (i.e. display or playback, and sometimes even direct edition), and (2) other programs that do not.

type extensions program name edition display
images bmp gif jpg MS Paint 5.0 direct direct
  bmp gif jpg MS Photo Editor 3.01 separate window direct
  bmp gif jpg ULead PhotoImpact 4.0 direct direct
sound wav mp3 mid Windows Media Player 6.4 no direct
video avi mov mpe Windows Media Player 6.4 no direct
rich text rtf doc MS Word 2000 direct direct
HTML text htm html Netscape Navigator 4.0 no direct
diagrams   SmartDraw no direct
mathematical formulas   MathType 5.0 no direct

type extensions program name edition display
images bmp      
  bmp gif jpg      
sound wav mp3 mid WinAmp 2.8 no separate window
video avi mov mpe      
rich text rtf doc      
HTML text htm html MS Internet Explorer 5.5 no separate window
    Opera 4.02 no separate window
LaTeX (etc.) dvi YAP 0.97 no separate window
PDF text pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 no separate window

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