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      The following individuals contributed valuable testing and suggestions:

Martin Feuersänger (Germany) Martin was the first VTrain user and tester and the one who encouraged Paul to release VTrain on the web.
Pedro Meca (Spain) Pedro developed the first versions of the freeware Clip2VTrain (a.k.a. Clip2VTrain). Thanks, Pedro.
Alfredo Pérez (Spain/Norway) Alfred's witty mind has always been an inspiration and a source of great ideas. Keep up the good work!
Visit his blog at
Blog de Alfredo

Jason Massey (USA)
Lászlo Cser (Hungary)
Mehrdad Pakzad (Iran)
Prof. Olaf Böhlke (USA)
Pedro Meca Ruiz (Spain)

The suggestions sent in by these persons were especially inspiring to us. Thank you!

Alfonso Saura (Spain)
Catherine Grange (UK)
Charo Sánchez Ros (Spain)
Christian Langrock (Germany)
Elizabeth Anderson (USA)
Jorge E. Juvera (Mexico)
Juan Albarracín Quiñonero (Spain)
Luis Vázquez (Spain)
Mercedes "Cachu" Abellán (Spain)
Ron Anderson (USA)
Sebastian Schweda (Germany)
Stuart Griffith (UK)
Susann Müller (Germany)
William Kay-Shuttleworth (UK)

These persons took part in the Usability Tests 2000-2002.

Thank you all! Your reactions and suggestions were invaluable to the improvement of the program.

...and many more friendly individuals who prefer to remain anonymous.

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