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      The following people have contributed files to our VTrain Vocabulary Database, featuring vocabulary in more than 40 languages.

Samuel Murray-Smit (South Africa) website Afrikaans
André Axford (United Kingdom) website Albanian
Jorge P. Arpasi (Brazil) website Aymara
Servei de Llengües i Terminologia,
Universitat Jaume I (Spain)
website Catalan [in prep.]
Jen Paxton (Ms.?) (USA) website Cherokee
Cheyenne Language and Culture Fund (USA) website Cheyenne
H.-P. Postel (Germany) website Chinese
Haiwang Yuan (USA) website Chinese [in prep.]
Matthew Hammond (USA) website Chinese [in prep.]
Immo Wache (Germany) website Delphi
Bruce Koestner (USA) website Eaiea
Ferenc Válóczy (Canada) website Erzya, Ludian, Votic
Liisa Sarakontu (Ms.) (Finland) -- Finnish
Prof. Olaf Böhlke (USA) website German
Herouth Maoz (Israel) website Hebrew
Jeff Feeley (USA) website (mirror) Icelandic
Hantarto Widjaja (Indonesia) website Indonesian
Sam Sloan (USA) website Khowar
Paul LeCorde (USA) website Kreyol
Lynn H. Nelson [University of Kansas] (USA) website Latin
Grazio Falzon (Malta) website Maltese
Max J. Sandor, PhD (USA) website Pali
Roberto Borja García (Mexico) -- Parapsychology
Colby & Nance (Co.) (USA) website Polish
Daniel Andreasson (Sweden) website Quenya, Sindarin
Walter Henke (Germany) -- Russian fonts
Shohdy Naguib (Russia) website Russian-Rasta
Will Strain (USA)
Angela Ba'Tal Libal (Ms.) (USA)
-- Romany
Pannirselvam Kanagaratnam (USA)
Swami Sivananda (USA)
website Sanskrit
Valerie Sutton (USA) website Sign Language
DJ Rivera (USA) website Spanish
Flynet (Spain) website Spanish
Laïla as Titrit (Ms.) (France) website Tamazight (Berber)
Greg Lastowka (USA) website Turkmen
Adam Greenow (United Kingdom) -- Welsh
Cathy White (Ms.) (United Kingdom) -- Welsh
Hazel Davey (Ms.) (United Kingdom) website Welsh
Michael D. Fein (Canada) website Yiddish
    Updated: 2017 August 25
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