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! Important notice to users of previous versions
While the current release of VTrain is backward compatible, earlier versions of VTrain are not able to read the files saved by the current version.
Backup your old documents. More...

VTrain comes with standard installation and uninstallation facilities. The installation procedure is easy. Simply run the self-installing executable you can download from this page.

It is advisable to store all documents you use on your PC in the same folder, e.g. C:\My Documents. That will make it easier to locate and to back up your documents. You can create a subdirectory for VTrain documents, e.g. C:\My Documents\VTrain, then move the contents of the
working directory of VTrain (by default, C:\Program files\VTrain\Data) there, and tell VTrain where the working directory is now (Tools menu | Working directory).

If you would like to use VTrain over a school LAN, please see the instructions you will find in the
Teacher Center.
    Updated: 2017 January 20
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