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Known issues
This contains miscellaneous topics that do not fit into the other categories of this FAQ.

When I export my cards, some of the text is missing.
VTrain crashes.
VTrain is blocked by my antivirus software.
The Help file does not load.
VTrain cannot save a document.
VTrain cannot open a document.
VTrain cannot open a document when I double click on it.
When I export my cards, some of the text is missing.
      This may happen when your operating system fails to allocate enough system resources to VTrain. Please try one of the following options:
  1. Export the cards using a copy-paste procedure instead of the standard export facility. To do this, make sure the list of cards is visible on your screen, then select all cards (Ctrl+E), copy them to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) and paste them into your favorite editor (Microsoft Word, for example).
  2. Close all other programs, then export the current list using the standard export procedure (File menu > Export...)
  3. If you are using Windows 10 and your computer is equipped with a multiple-core processor, assign one of the cores to VTrain for the current Windows session. More information at Windows Central- (or type "Processor Affinity" into a web-search engine).

VTrain crashes.
      If the program hangs up, you can try different methods, depending on the possible causes.

Workaround 1: Place a "Skip-me Card" in each Box

If the program crashes whenever you try to Review the last card in a given Box, please do the following.
  1. Create a new Deck of cards. This will start the Compose mode.
  2. Choose a bright font color and a large font size from the toolbar.
    Type a warning message into the first card:
    Workload completed! Please close this window.
  3. Open a List window for the Deck (press Ctrl+L)
  4. Clone the "Skip-me Card" using a copy-paste procedure (press Ctrl+C, then Ctrl+V).
    You will need as many copies as boxes in your Project.
  5. Drag each one of these cards into one of the Boxes.
    (Place the mouse cursor on the card, hold down the left mouse button, move the mouse pointer onto the Box, then release the button)
  6. Save all data.
    (In the English version of VTrain, press Alt, then F and finally V)
From now on, whenever you see a copy of that card you during a Review session, you will know that there are no more cards pending for review.

Workaround 2: Switch off the Review Schedule temporarily

-   If the Review Schedule is enabled, you will see small lamps (green, yellow or red) on the Boxes of the Project on the left side of the VTrain window.

By default, leave the Review Schedule function disabled (Project menu > Review schedule > Do not schedule reviews).

When you start VTrain every day, enable the Review Schedule briefly to see which Boxes contain "woken up" cards and want to be reviewed. Then, disable the Review Schedule again and start your Review session.

Side effect: Using minute-wise intervals in the Review schedule would be too awkward.

Workaround 3: Update your runtime files

It is also possible that some C++ runtime files on your computer are missing or damaged. This may be due to a Windows Update, to the installation of other software or to antivirus activity.

Usually, these issues can be solved by installing updated C++ runtime files. These files can be downloaded for

If you are using a 32-bit version of Windows, you can install
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)

If you are using a 64-bit version, you can install
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64)

If this does not help, you can also try using
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Workaround 4: Replace corrupted Box files (if any)

It this behavior occurs only in one of the Boxes, it is possible that the associated Box file on your hard disk got corrupted. You can try the following:
  1. Add a new box to the project, next to the box in which the problem appears
    (Project menu > Structure)
  2. Open a list view for both of these two boxes (right click on each and choose List)
  3. Move the contents of the old box into the new box (drag the cards between both lists using your mouse)
  4. Remove the old box (Project menu > Structure)
VTrain is blocked by my antivirus software.
      From time to time, some editions of our software are blocked by an antivirus program, which may mistake it for malware such as "Trojan.Win32.Cosmu" .

However, this is a "false positive", which is probably caused by VTrain’s startup process. At startup, our software checks several file associations in the Windows Registry, the location of the working directory and the registration key stored on the hard drive. For more information, start the program and go to
Help menu > Contents > Share your cards > File locations.

In fact, VTrain is not even able to connect to the Internet: it can only send links to the default browser on your system. This fact can be easily verified using a firewall.

When this happens, we contact the respective antivirus manufacturer. Some react by whitelisting VTrain, and some write back with an apology. The engineers from the following companies have confirmed us that VTrain is clean: You can check the reaction of other antivirus tools at VirusTotal, a Google subsidiary.

If you are experiencing this issue, please update the signature database of your antivirus program. If the problem persists, please contact us.

The Help file does not load.
      This issue does not apply to VTrain 5.5 and later versions, but to VTrain 5.2 and older versions when run under Windows Vista or later versions. The cause is that those versions of VTrain used a legacy help file system called "Windows Help" or "Winhelp" which is no longer supported by new versions of Windows. However, you can upgrade your operating system to support these types of help files. All you need is to install a program called "Windows Help Viewer".

You can download the Windows Help Viewer for
free from http://www.microsoft.com
VTrain cannot save a document.
      In Windows vista/7/8/10, you may experience issues when trying to save files. This is usually due to the fact that the Windows operating system is protecting the target folder.

This problem can be solved by saving your documents in a folder you have access permission for. We would suggest using the following folder:

C:\Users\<User name>\My Documents\VTrain (Windows 7/8)
C:\Documents and Settings\<User name>\My Documents\VTrain (Windows Vista)

Please remember to tell VTrain the location of this folder. You can do so from
Tools menu | Working directory (German flag Menü Extras | Arbeitsverzeichnis).

If necessary, you can copy the contents of the Data folder that comes with VTrain into this Working Directory. The Data folder is located at:

C:\Program files (x86)\VTrain\Data
VTrain cannot open a document.
      The old version VTrain 4.5 had the following limitation: it could only open files located in the so-called Working Directory of the program. You could customize the location of the Working Directory from the Tools menu.

This has been fixed in
VTrain 5.0. Now it is technically possible to open files placed anywhere on your hard disk, although using a Working Directory is still convenient, because a centralized location makes it easier to backup your documents.
VTrain cannot open a document when I double click on it.
      If you double-click from Windows Explorer on a file associated to VTrain (e.g. a Deck of flashcards), and an error occurs, it is because VTrain is not already running. Start VTrain and try again.    


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