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The ultimate vocabulary learning software

o What is VTrain?
oTop benefits
- Reviewing cards
o   Spaced repetition
o   Freedom of choice
o   -Learn more...
o   Feature list
+ Composing cards
o Team learning
o Quality control
o What's new?
o Future plans
+ Make a wish

Apart from programming reviews for your flashcards, VTrain groups them by difficulty. The distribution of the flashcards is displayed on your screen in form of a Project made up of several Boxes.

Every time VTrain asks you the question written on a flashcard...

  • the flashcard is sent to the next Box if your answer is correct, and
  • the flashcard is cast back to the first one if your answer is not correct.

The Project Learning System

This way, after going through the flashcards several times, the more advanced Boxes will contain the flashcards you know better.

This gives you
freedom to set your own priorities at any time, even when your teacher has brought forward an examination!

    Updated: 2017 January 21
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