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Writing systems
-   Western alphabets
-   Non-Western alphabets
-   Phonetic and offbeat
-   Varying glyphs
-   CJK
-   Miscellaneous

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Types of fonts
-   Inserting single characters
-   Inserting diacritics:
á, à, â, ä, ...
-   Keyboard layouts
-   Input methods
-   Multilingual browsing

If you want to insert a single foreign character without engaging in any system configuration, you can use one of the following quick-and-dirty procedures:

  • If the keyboard layout of the target language is similar to yours, you need not install a new layout. You can retrieve characters one by one this way: hold down the ALT key, type in its ANSI code on the numeric keypad (on the right of your keyboard), and let up on the ALT key. (In some versions of Windows you have to prepend a 0 digit to the ANSI code.)

  • On the other hand, you can use the Character Map of Windows (Start button > Programs > Accessories).

  • Finally, some applications include customizable (!) alternatives to the Windows Character Map. The so-called Virtual Keyboards (German flag Sonderzeichentabellen) in VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer) are a good example of this. VTrain 5.0 ships with Virtual Keyboards for more than 100 languages.
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