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Writing systems
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-   Non-Western alphabets
-   Phonetic and offbeat
-   Varying glyphs
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Types of fonts
-   Inserting single characters
-   Inserting diacritics:
á, à, â, ä, ...
-   Keyboard layouts
-   Input methods
-   Multilingual browsing
      "Western" alphabets are based on the Roman alphabet. The fonts based on a "Western" codepage contain the special characters of almost all Western European languages. Of course, all versions of Windows and Unicode fonts support these alphabets.

If you want to type in special characters from another Western European language only
occasionally, you are commended to read Inserting single characters.

If you are more serious about that, you can also install the
keyboard layout of your target language. By the way, making the current keyboard layout visible by way of the On-screen Keyboard (Start menu | Programs | Accessories | Accessibility) will help you to get familiar with it. (This facility is available in recent versions of Windows.)

For languages not listed below, please visit the miscellaneous font downloads page.


German fonts

- - -


      Old German fonts are of little use today, except for ornamental purposes. The best-known fonts of this group are the jagged German blackletter type ("Fraktur") and the German 19th century handwriting ("Sütterlin"), which has been widely in use also in Western Slavic countries. Today, some characters from these fonts survive in advanced mathematical notation.

· German fonts -
· German Fraktur fonts -
· Steffmann.de -collects old fonts, including many German decorative fonts *****
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