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Writing systems
-   Western alphabets
-   Non-Western alphabets
-   Phonetic and offbeat
-   Varying glyphs
-   CJK
-   Miscellaneous

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Types of fonts
-   Inserting single characters
-   Inserting diacritics:
á, à, â, ä, ...
-   Keyboard layouts
-   Input methods
-   Multilingual browsing
      This section contains links to multilingual font download sites.

For language-specific fonts, please see the appropriate page.


Miscellaneous fonts
Unicode fonts

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Miscellaneous fonts

      The following sites provide fonts in multiple languages:

VistaWide -, grouped by language.
SIL's Fonts in Cyberspace -, fine, grouped by language.
Dr. Berlin's fonts for over 40 languages -, well commented, now with visual samples (in a separate index).
Gallery of Unicode fonts -, grouped by writing system.
Freelang.com -, a bunch of links on one page.
University of Oregon (Yamada) - focuses on Apple Macintosh.

Microsoft Fontpack (truetype) -
Microsoft fonts for developers -
Mike Colley's font collection -


http://www.themeworld.com/fonts/ - Grouped by categories, not merely A-Z (!)
Fontsnthings.com - Unusual or odd-shaped fonts
Schriften-Lernen - [in German]

Unicode fonts

      Most fonts offered on the World Wide Web are one-byte fonts (256 characters). Unicode is a new two-byte font standard intended for covering virtually all languages (65536 characters). Learn more about Unicode on our Types of fonts page.

Please note that Unicode fonts and methods work properly in Windows 2000 / XP only.

Note that all Unicode fonts actually contain characters for all languages. The following sites provide really multilingual Unicode fonts:

· Christoph Singer (Universität Tübingen)- with a clickable table containing font samples.
· Unicode.org -, a worldwide consortium for the Unicode standard.

Unicode-enabled applications

Not all applications support Unicode fonts. Some applications that support double-byte character sets internally seem to be Unicode-enabled when run on Windows 2000/XP or later. This held for the old version
VTrain 4.5, for example.

The following applications
do support Unicode fonts:

· Sun Staroffice (Freeware)
MS Office 97 and later (Commercial)
· UniPad 0.93c -, a plain text editor in Unicode format.

See also

· Unicode and Multilingual Editors and Word Processors -
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